What It’s Really Like to Write a Book with Melissa Drake

What It’s Really Like to Write a Book with Melissa Drake

Many say that writing a book is easy, but is it though? Have you always thought about what it’s like to write a book?

In this episode, we’ll peel back the curtains and hear real-life stories about book writing, publishing, promotions, and all the emotional roller coasters that go with it, with rockstar Writer, Editor, and Book Publication Consultant, Melissa Drake.

Over iced teas by the pool, we chatted about:

  • Most common misconceptions about writing a book 
  • Writing is an act of service, it’s not merely hearing yourself talk
  • Get out of your head and write a book (surprising activities to help you do this!)
  • Developing vulnerability in sharing your story 
  • Top people and services to hire when writing / publishing a book
  • A breakdown of why the ROI of a book is forever

I’ve personally written a book and I also shared some never-before-seen stories there! Hope you love this episode, and hope it inspires you to share your story and write a book.

Check out this new interesting episode of None of Your Business on Spotify or Apple Podcasts.

Want more goodies that will help you write a book? Find Melissa Drake on social media or visit her site AwakenYourInnerAuthor.com.

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