In business, you don’t only have to love what you do. You also have to love who you are becoming
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Build your dream business with Karla’s guidance. Over a decade of experience in business, marketing, and leadership. Hundreds of testimonials to show for it.
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Karla Singson is an
award-winning writer, public
speaker, and entrepreneur.

Karla Singson is an
award-winning writer,
public speaker,
and entrepreneur.

Her entrepreneurial journey started when she graduated college at 19, thinking companies would fight over her. My, she was very wrong about that. With a debate championship, a table tennis championship, and great grades, it made sense that they would fawn all over her.

Turns out, nobody wants to hire a teenager. They found her risky, flippant, and too “hyper”. She eventually found her home in an ad agency where they accepted all sorts of misfits.

What I've Built Over the Years

I help grow small
and medium
businesses to millions

I help grow small and
medium businesses
to millions

You don’t need a big, fancy office. Or 30 employees. All you need are a few tweaks to your bottomline. When you’re tired and done with poor cash flow, let’s talk. 


let's chat!

How I Grow Small and
Medium Enterprises

Better marketing and better messaging. Want more sales?

Talk to more customers. And make those conversations better. Whether it’s social media or PR, we’ll craft the best message to get in the heads of your ideal clients.

Leadership trainings to build a team of champions.

Blame it on being the eldest child, or always gunning for “Presidential” positions in school clubs. Karla has delivered leadership trainings ever since she was in university.

Dealership offers, business brokerage, and business-in-a-box expansions.

Want to sell your business to people who want to buy your system, replicate your success, and follow in your footsteps but you’re not ready to sell a franchise yet? Take the cash injection and let’s help another fellow build their dream business.

Advisory positions. An “outsider expert point of view”? We got you.

If you need ongoing weekend advice on your sales, marketing, leadership, incentive planning, and even media connections, let us know.

Event planning and PR campaigns.

One of Karla’s biggest successes is her Events, PR, and Promotions company, PREP. With over a hundred events, PR, promotions and OOH ads led for household names and homegrown brands alike, we’ll make your brand the talk of the town in no time.

Next-step clarity. You are where you are because of your past.

But is that where you want to be? Get clarity on the next step, the next big move, the next milestone through a 1:1 conversation with Karla. As always, we got you.


I have high respect for people who want to improve themselves and
those who seek learning like a fat kid seeks ice cream.

That's why I'm bringing all
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