Stories from Over 100 Airbnb Stays with Arne Giske

Stories from Over 100 Airbnb Stays with Arne Giske

Airbnb has changed the way people travel. It’s no longer just about booking an airplane ticket or a hotel room–it’s about learning about local cultures and how to be a better traveler.

Tons of travelling entrepreneurs have fully embraced the use of Airbnbs. I bet you’ve had your own experiences too!

In this story-rich episode, I was able to force my friend Arne Giske, to share his Airbnb experience from staying in over 100 homes around the world.

In this episode, we rekindled our most memorable travel stories and talked about:

  • What attracted Arne to the idea of renting Airbnbs vs. Hotels
  • Pros and Cons, and how to make the decision of which Airbnb to hire (important tips here!)
  • His top 2 most memorable Airbnb experiences (including homemade pasta and a hot driver!)
  • Worst Airbnb experiences — yup, it was something illegal 😉
  • Our wishlist for Airbnb 2.0 + tips for Airbnb hosts
  • Tips for first time or newbie Airbnb users and important lessons
  • Resources for investing in Airbnbs

Ready for your next Airbnb experience? Safe travels, and put this podcast on for a funner time on your trip there.
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