Working with, Appreciating, and Loving the Alpha Woman with Angela Baysa

Working with, Appreciating, and Loving the Alpha Woman with Angela Baysa

The Alpha or High-Powered woman is a very specific creature, bred for leadership and strong in all skills. She takes charge of a situation and creates order, exactly what you need for any task. Why don’t we keep them as friends or lovers if there’s such a short supply of Alpha Women?

Let two very different flavors of “alpha women” delight you in this meaningful chat about what it really means to live with, work with, love, and appreciate alpha women.

In this episode we touched on:

  • How we define “alpha women” 
  • How we move with high standards for ourselves and the people around us 
  • Why it doens’t work for some women who are smart, hot, and all that – what men really look for in a relationship
  • How to deal with intimidating women 
  • Developing the awareness that people look up to people like us
  • The alpha reframe: how enjoying service received is within our true nature as alpha women
  • Wounds in childhood that are very likely to turn one into an alpha man/ woman
  • Advice for people who live with with alpha women/ men

Hopefully this episode will help you look at alpha women with fresh and much more appreciative eyes.

And if you are an alpha woman listening to this podcast, hope you gained a refreshing insight or two.

Listen here:

Being alpha is fun! It has it perks, but it also has its slippery slopes. Ready to be a fly on the wall on this conversation? Press play.


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