Of Femininity in Life, Business, and Our Thoughts on Modern Feminism with Jaimie Sarah

Of Femininity in Life, Business, and Our Thoughts on Modern Feminism with Jaimie Sarah

Many women in business fail to recognize the value of femininity in building an entrepreneurial empire. In this male-dominated arena, your feminine side can help you bring clients in, close more deals, and claim the success you’re longing for. But how?

This question and more, on a laugh-filled and heart-led conversation with star business and marketing coach, Jaimie Sarah.


  • Advantages of being a woman in business
  • Feminine vs. masculine activities in business (and a way to focus on what you only want to do)
  • What vulnerability really means vs. being a hot mess
  • How vulnerability helps us in business and life
  • What we really think of feminism
  • How men can attract fully embodied feminine — and successful! — women
  • Activities and habits that help us nourish the feminine

Check this amazing episode out:

As a woman in business, I found this conversation incredibly uplifting. I’m sure you’ll love it too.P.S. To my listeners in the Philippines, I’m raffling off 10 PCS. OF P500 Starbucks Gift Cards to people who will rate my Spotify 5-stars and/ or Apple Rating + Comment. Each item (rating, comment) is worth 1 raffle entry. Submit screenshots to my page – Karla Singson – and my team will announce the winner on October 15! 🙂

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