Podcast Episode Drop: Tips and Tricks with Svet Dmitrov of 33Traveltips.com

Podcast Episode Drop: Tips and Tricks with Svet Dmitrov of 33Traveltips.com

Traveling and being able to travel is such a gift. With conferences, impulse trips, concerts, and “chill beach days” always on our calendars as entrepreneurs, I dedicated a special episode to talk about solo travel.

With me is Svetoslav Dimitrov of 33TravelTips.com, he’s a serial traveler and a successful copywriter and consultant.


  • Pros and cons of traveling alone
  • We share how we plan our trips and how to get the most out of certain timings
  • Bargaining in foreign countries
  • Safety tips in traveling alone
  • Other lesser-known travel hacks

Check this amazing episode out:

Treat this episode as your swiss-knife for your next solo travel. Hope to catch you in random airports all over the world!P.S. To my listeners in the Philippines, I’m raffling off 10 PCS. OF P500 Starbucks Gift Cards to people who will rate my Spotify 5-stars and/ or Apple Rating + Comment. Each item (rating, comment) is worth 1 raffle entry. Submit screenshots to my page – Karla Singson – and my team will announce the winner on October 15! 🙂

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