Of Having a Supportive Partner with Newlyweds Jesse and Janine Schoberg

Of Having a Supportive Partner with Newlyweds Jesse and Janine Schoberg

As an entrepreneur, one of the things which will literally make or break your future, is having a good life partner.

We’ve heard of spouses, girlfriends, and boyfriends causing havoc in the mental state of a business owner, and how that bleeds into the decisions they make in the business.

Noooo– we don’t want that! So on a chill Sunday evening, I sat down to chat with newlyweds Jesse and Janine Schoberg, asking them tips on how to be supportive to each other, how Janine made the jump from being a straight-laced corporate gal to entrepreneur, how their travels and experiences made them stronger…

Here’s a sneak peek:

  • The story of how they met and how Janine felt about being encouraged to try entrepreneurship
  • What are the top qualities of a good partner (to an entrepreneur)
  • What are the pros and cons of dating an entrepreneur
  • What you do every day to be a supportive partner
  • Tips on how to understand the entrepreneur mind –basically how to be a great addition to your partner’s life, in this crazy chaos of entrepreneurship
  • What we should do to attract the best partner for us

If you are looking to date an entrepreneur or if you’re an entrepreneur looking for partner, you’re definitely going to learn a tip or two here.

Check out this new episode on Spotify or Apple Podcasts.

Here’s to finding your ride-or-die forever. Cheers!


Check out DynamiteCircle.com to see Janine’s best ops and events work, and check out DropInBlog.com to see all the cool things Jesse’s doing for online businesses!

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