Scams, Cash, and Fake Friendships with Lauren Gordon

Scams, Cash, and Fake Friendships with Lauren Gordon

I’ve “seen Lauren around” through common friends of social media and we’ve liked each other’s posts…but what really sealed our friendship is when we got scammed by the same person!

So in this episode, we decided to talk about that experience and treated it as a therapy session (lol) to let all our feelings out, tell you how it happend, and help you avoid these scams and fake friendships altogether.

Here’s the highlights:

  • What is a scam and how do you define a scam
  • What are the common signs of scams (with real life, practical examples)
  • Red flags from people, investments, and timing (take down notes!)
  • Things that aren’t a scam but sound like one
  • Scammy things that people do online – you’ve seen some of our friendly neighborhood bizniz coaches do these haha
  • How to process the feeling of being scammed and how to move on without feeling stupid or embarrassed
  • Differentiating gambling vs. investments + loose tips on what you should invest in which are NOT scams

We truly loved recording this episode and we hope you like it! We’ve put a positive twist from being scammed, and hope that you can also view things in the same perspective.

Check it out on Spotify or Apple Podcasts.

Follow Lauren on Instagram at @laurengordonofficial for other cheeky convos about friendships, being a mom, and being an awesome online coach!

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