Lessons on Sleep, Rest, and Health with Lisabeth Lent

Lessons on Sleep, Rest, and Health with Lisabeth Lent

Sleep is the ultimate productivity hack.

As entrepreneurs, we know how important it is to get a good night’s sleep. But how can we make sure we’re getting enough rest?

Author and functional medicine practitioner Lisabeth Lent sits with us to talk about how, as entrepreneurs, we can use sleep to optimize our performance in business, and enjoy life more.

Warning: there are some controversial health takes here especially with how we feel about the pandemic 😉 But you’ll probably like that anyway.

In this episode, Lisabeth shares:

  • Lisa’s story of going from having chronic pain, bad health, and CPTSD to becoming a powerful voice in nutrition and functional medicine
  • What the common misconceptions people have about sleep
  • Our best habits around sleep (super amazing tips)
  • Best that entrepreneurs should make to have better sleep
  • A sneak peek into her book, Align Your Body, Align Your life

Lisabeth Lent is famous for her multi-dimensional and compassionate approach to health progression, which makes this meaningful coversation about rest and sleep an important take in today’s hectic, modern life.

Her simple and effortless low-impact “IMI” (Intuitive Movement Integration) method trains people to learn basic foundations of healthy posture, body-mechanics, and inward focus. Specially designed for people who hate to exercise and suffer from chronic low-energy, the IMI method demonstrates how gentle exercise can be as fun as it is strength-building and emotionally rejuvenating.

Hope you love this episode, and I would recommend learning more about Lisabeth’s work at InnerAlignmentEducation.com.

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