It Started with Spanking… and other Martial Arts and Mental Health Stories with Paul Tokgozoglu

It Started with Spanking… and other Martial Arts and Mental Health Stories with Paul Tokgozoglu

Martial arts. It’s not just about learning how to defend yourself with physical movements. It’s about improving yourself from the inside out, and there isn’t anything more gratifying than that. In fact, it can even extend your life.

Paul Tokgozoglu is a martial artist, podcast creator, and business developer. After a lifetime of struggling with autism and OCD, Paul resolved to master his mental health.

Through a journey of self discovery, Paul realized that the lifestyle of a martial artist provided the best possible outlet for improving his mental health and becoming a better person.

In this intimate conversation about martial arts and mental health, Paul tells us his thoughts and stories about…

  • How his journey in martial arts started with spanking (and how my experience in spanking was different, lol)
  • Why Brazilian Jiu Jitsu over other martial arts, and why you should consider it, too
  • Surprising benefits of martial arts that most people don’t know about
  • How a regular “fighting” practice can help you become mentally stronger
  • Everyone has anger and agression, use it wisely
  • What most entrepreneurs are missing out on, mental health-wise

Paul founded the brand Jiu Jitsu Outlet (a merch brand and a podcast), and has dedicated his life to helping entrepreneurs scale their businesses and unlock their mental power.

Check out this new exciting episode on Spotify or Apple Podcasts.

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