5 Leadership Rules to Live By… KS Style

5 Leadership Rules to Live By… KS Style

This will be quick, but 2020 has been a slap on my face as a businessperson, a coach, and the head of my family (hello my baby sisters) so I wanted to share these with you. Could save you a few hundred dollars, a few hundred cries, and a few hundred impulsive, late-night Lazada purchases to ease the impending depression from an anxiety spike. 

Here goes 😉

1. In the movie “A Bug’s Life”, a really good quote struck me. “Leadership means that everything is your fault.” And yes, the quote is what it is! When you are the leader, you are accountable for everything. So be quick to apologize, find solutions, instead of being defensive and overthinking the “blame”. Everyone makes mistakes but not everyone is mature enough to be accountable for these mistakes. Be that kind of leader. 

2. Always stay neutral, focus on the problem that needs to be solved. When you’re in an organization handling different personalities, it’s easy to have disagreements. Of course you have to point out  malicious activities like outright lying and misrepresentation, but really a  lot of conflict is just people who are not seeing eye to eye… why? They have taken their focus off of the problem! And diverted it to people. Avoid this mistake and catch yourself early before the infighting ruins the entire organization. 

3. Appreciate, acknowledge, affirm! These 3 As go a long way in motivating your teammates even when you don’t do it that often. We get it — you get so busy sometimes, and you also get so caught up with all the stuff you need done. But the effects of these last longer than you think, and it will also inspire them to do the same to their colleagues. The trick is to mention and spell out their names if you put it in writing, be specific with your compliment, and hint about them being a good role model, or that this *positive thing* is something that the team should espouse. 

4. Be open to listen and make it known. Just show your teammates that they can talk to you and come to you for anything. It could be about how they feel, they might have a conflict they need help with. Or they could even have an idea that will push your company forward! It’s great to do this via email, but a text might be more personal and 

5. The little things count. Saying thank you, please, I’m sorry/ my bad, good morning and asking how things are...these things matter a lot to your team. Whether it’s a big idea for a project, an extra cup of coffee someone made for you, or someone opening the door for you. Show you’re not “above” the little courtesies, and your teammates will always feel like you’re family. Which makes them care more about your company. 

Well, there you go! Thanks for giving me a slice of your time. I love sharing leadership tips as I know it’s not natural for everyone. Even I, someone with over 12 years in business, still learn a new thing or two every single day. I also carry regrets, a thing or two every single day. 

So if you’re having a down day or kind of a below-average day in terms of leadership, don’t be too hard on yourself. *hugs* 

As long as you continue working on it, that’s all that matters! Teams are a living and breathing thing, so nurture it like it should be. 

P.S. Want to have a short leadership pep talk for your team? Message me and let’s set it up! 😊

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