10 Ways to Guard Your Sanity During Self-Isolation

10 Ways to Guard Your Sanity During Self-Isolation

I admit the first few days for me was difficult, but eventually, I got the hang of it. Let this hyperactive extrovert teach you how to keep your sanity intact during self-isolation. I know you need it, too.

  1. Remember that lots of people on self – isolation are still in:
    • shock
    • anxious
    • lonely,
    • and (most likely) are financially unprepared.

    Extend patience to most people, even assholes on social media.It takes practice, but it’s worth it. I walked away and stayed calm in some debates and didn’t think much about it.
  2. On that note, get off social media as much as you can. I do business here but some of you don’t. Keep the Messenger App if you want to get in touch with friends or family, or stick to other messaging apps. I deleted my FB phone app.
  3. Listen to positive messages. You are not alone, worse things have happened to better people, and YES there IS a way out of this. Tune in to positive affirmations on Youtube or good vibes podcasts. If you can, find a copy of “Man’s Search for Meaning” (Viktor Frankl), best to read at this time.
  4. Journal. Instead of polluting social media with meaningless media, let it all out in a journal, or even scratch papers. I know the isolation makes you want to feel heard, seen and acknowledged more, but you don’t need it. You have food, a roof above your head, and people who love you. You have everything you need.
  5. Even your nicer, richer friends are experiencing anxiety and donor fatigue right now. Always ask how they are and let them know that you’re a text /message away. Knowing you uplifted someone’s feelings also gives you a dash of good feelings.

As much as possible, do these everyday and I guarantee you’ll feel better. Stay safe and healthy! See you after this craziness. We got lots to catch up on, my dear!

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