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10 Ways to Guard Your Sanity During Self-Isolation
I admit the first few days for me was difficult, but eventually, I got the hang of it. Let this[...]
Ecommby Intro to eCommerce Workshop
Discover How to Grab a Slice of the US$3 Trillion Global E-Commerce Pie with Amazon……Without Even Having Your own Website[...]
How many of you have always wondered what it’s like to write, publish, and sell your first book?
✅Write - Like how you can finish eating a cake not in a day but in a week (or two),[...]
Small Business Millions 2: Mastering the Art of Positioning for Multiple Streams of Income
15 Proven Ways to Make Millions from Your Personal Brand  Is your name worth millions? How much is it worth?[...]
DECEMBER PROMO: KS Access Club (One Time Only)
Finally, Get Karla’s Best Answers for Your Toughest Business, Marketing and Mindset Questions Without Having to Spend a Lot of[...]
New Businesses, Pay Attention! Fast Start Formula + 3 Early Stage Marketing Tactics
I got interviewed for an article and they asked me my best tips for early-stage marketing. Given that most businesses[...]
Best Negotiation Tips for You!
I recently answered a thread on negotiations and I thought I’d share it with you. Here are my top tips:[...]
Don’t Read or Follow These “Tips”. I’ll Tell You Why…
UGH MOMENTS -- Don't read or follow these "tips". I'll tell you why.1. Don't buy an expensive phone. A new version will come[...]
5 Ways to Know You’re Ready to Quit Your Job…and Do Business
I was recently interviewed by a publication about one’s readiness to move from being employed to going full time in[...]
How to Snap Back from Failure
This will be quick. Here are my top 4 tips on how to snap back from failure: Know that you[...]
Ask Yourself These 10 Questions and Map Out Your Year in Millions
Usually, the reason why a lot of people don’t take action is that they don’t know what to do. They[...]
Are you close to burnout? Here are a few tips…
I know you have this BIG GOAL, and you have a BIG WHY…but some days you don’t feel like it.[...]
Let Me Convince You How You Can Be a Millionaire Too
Out of curiosity, I spent a full hour analyzing the number of millionaires, how we can be a millionaire, and[...]
My Shinagawa LASIK Experience – Tips, Costs, Expectations, and Everything You Need to Know!
I’ve  always had bad eyesight. I remember when I was in high school I would always ask to sit in[...]
5 Reasons Why You Should Consider a Franchise Business
Yesterday I was talking to a friend about a franchise/ dealership deal for my gift shop. She was my classmate[...]
KS Holiday Shopping Guide – Davao Edition
Happy holidays...says this cute pup! <3 I know this is a business blog and so for this special edition of[...]
5 Investments That You Need to Make in Your 20s
When you’re in your 20s, it’s normal to feel invincible. You think you can never get sick, you think you’ll[...]
3 Simple Customer Service Lessons from my Trip at the High End Salon – SVS Korean Salon
A few months ago, I underwent a 5-hour treatment at SVS Salon Prime. This is a new location nestled in[...]
It Doesn’t Matter Wherever You Are Right Now – You can Still Succeed
It doesn't matter where you are right now, because every minute you are born anew. You can absolutely change your[...]
Ready to Hire Your Marketing Ninja?
There is no substitute for real experience and knowledge in marketing, advertising, and PR. I feel bad for small brick-and-mortar[...]
15 Ways to Deliver a Speech that Will WOW Any Audience
It has been 5 years since my TEDx talk, and I still keep reading, learning, practicing, and observing other speakers.[...]
Why Creatives Should Stop Whining About Prospect Clients Who Want to Pay Them Cheap
Time and again, I see photographers, designers, writers, makeup artists, filmmakers, bakers, and all "professional artists" whine about their clients[...]
Do Business that’s Larger than Life: Winning that First Impression
(Me dancing my I-just-booked-another-6-figure-deal dance.) Whenever I meet with clients, I always make sure I'm dressed well and that I[...]
Snow Shack Davao Opens at K1 Torres
It was a great day for Snow Shack and K1 as the newest snow ice destination for Davao (Snow Shack)[...]
I Remember When I Was So Cheap – A Lesson in Freelancing
I remember when I was so cheap. I'd accept $5 for a 500-word article. I'd turn it in before deadline,[...]
A Dandy Dozen Feature: Mitch Miller
99 Problems and Spaghetti ain't one   The first time I met Mitch Miller, I was wearing an evening gown.[...]
The Difference Between You and Starbucks – A Lesson on Customer Retention
  So I was at Starbucks to get coffee for Mitch this morning.   I got a card and told[...]
Just Launched: Rural Impact Sourcing PH 2017
The Department of Information and Communications Technology is implementing the Rural Impact Sourcing (RIS) Program which is intended to create[...]
More Success Means Better Beddings and Sleepwear
I have a theory that the more successful you get, the more you should invest in quality beddings and sleepwear. And[...]
5 Most Loved Gift Items this Valentines Day
Through the years, Valentine's has been celebrated all over the world with gift giving as part of its tradition. Here[...]
Jolly Cow Chocolate Milk – Your Childhood Goodness in a Box
When I was a kid, you can easily pacify me with chocolate. Yes, I was that kid. I got low[...]
Make Holidays More Colourful at Park Inn – Davao
Tired of the good old Noche Buena, Media Noche, and chill nights at home and wanna do something different this[...]
Juan Miguel Severo Holds Spoken Word Workshop in Davao – Nov 13
Juan Miguel Severo, one of the frontrunners of Spoken Word Poetry in the Philippines, is holding an exclusive Spoken Word[...]
MERCK Philippines Hosts Fertility Awareness Event at Marco Polo Davao
   For some Filipino couples, dreams of having and raising a baby together are dashed by fertility issues, which, unknown[...]
Why I Stopped Being a "Dutertard"
Before the elections, I remember my news feed being so noisy. There were people posting stuff to campaign for Duterte,[...]
Print Lovers, Heads Up! Norde PH is here in Davao!
  Bringing the widest range of industrial digital solutions, Norde International Distributors finally set foot in Davao. On September 14[...]
Save the Date: THE OFF PRICE SHOW DAVAO – Sept 2 to 4
If you're itching to go shopping, good news is here because the Country's Largest Roving Sale Event is back now[...]
Party this Kadayawan at #ETCPaintensity – Admission is FREE
If you're thinking about partying this Kadayawan, you better check this party by ETC! Enjoy the fusion of high-energy music,[...]
Boodlefight Meals to Try this Kadayawan – RBG at Park Inn and Kusina sa Subli
Davao's biggest festival is just around the corner; and the city feels more and more festive as the dates draw[...]
Sun Made Brown Rice Partners with WapatDC and Introduces Brand Ambassadors
Sun Made Brown Rice, one of the leading brown rice brands in the country, has cemented another commitment in health,[...]
Discover the Best of Davao in Seda Abreeza this Kadayawan 2016
  With all eyes in Davao City, Seda Abreeza brings in a big blast of offerings in this year’s Kadayawan[...]
Hair Philosophie by Jing Monis, A Beauty Lair
Most Mondays don't start with a 3-hour hair cut, treatment and color appointment. But just last Monday, mine did. And[...]
Davao Events: Limitless Training by JCI Manila
Most weekends, I lounge around my house, do chores, go to the spa, or binge watch a new FBI series[...]
#Stre3tsRoadblock2016, An Anniversary Celebration by Stre3ts
This coming July 29, 2016, STRE3TS URBAN X LIFESTYLE X PUB will be celebrating their first year by taking it[...]
More Power, Less Shame
Women today get judged more than ever. At least 60% of the users of every famous social media platform are[...]
Not Wanting Children and Not Owing Explanations
I don’t want children. I’ve said that statement so many times for the past few months (yes, I have just[...]
AIR ASIA Red Hot PISO Sale on June 13-19
Ready to book your next vacation? Check out this seat sale from AirAsia. Rates go as low as P200+ for[...]
Award Winning Film "I Love You Thank You" in Davao – May 11-17
Laugh, cry, think about your regrets. Think about those times when love just wasn't at the right place or the[...]
Davao Events: UP Mindanao Dance Ensemble Presents Pagsalop sa Adlaw – May 6
The University of the Philippines Mindanao Dance Ensemble will be staging its annual contemporary dance theater concert on May 5[...]
Visit Davao Fun Sale Presents Davao Grand Indie Filmfest
This coming May 6-7, 2016, Davao filmmakers take the center stage again as Visit Davao Fun Sale presents Davao Grand[...]
A Dandy Dozen Feature: Mabel Sunga-Acosta
“Sorry kaayo late ko! Napasmo na pa jud ko ay! Pero tara, magsugod na ta kay nalate jud ko.” (I’m[...]
AirAsia Ethnica Music Fusion, A Success!
As part of the Visit Davao Fun Sale 2016 flagship events under "Party, Fun and Leisure", the VDFS Execom delighted[...]
New Personal Project: A Dandy Dozen
  A Dandy Dozen is a special blog series featuring noteworthy social figures and their answers to a mix of[...]
Choobi Choobi Opens First Mindanao Branch in Davao City
Good news, Davaoenyos! We now have CHOOBI CHOOBI, the only restaurant that uses fresh shrimp harvested in Cebu from the[...]
Young Davao Writers Perform with Juan Miguel Severo for #HabangMayHugot, a Spoken Word Show
(Tickets are sold out. But I (personally) have extras. Text me at 0917 678 0008 to inquire.) Young Davao Writers,[...]
Abreeza Mall Welcomes Year 2016 with a Fashion Mixer
This 2016, Abreeza Mall strengthens its commitment to be a bastion for fashion in Davao by holding Scandi-lous, an exclusive[...]
Valentines 2016 – Easy and Hassle Free Gift Delivery by Gifts Davao
With Valentine’s Day around the corner, every heart’s gotta be ready for the gifts that come! If you are thinking[...]
FROG Kaffee – Another Place-to-be for Fresh and Tasty Coffee
  There’s a hip,  new place for anyone that loves coffee, quiet retreats, and tasty comfort food—FROG KAFFEE. If you’re[...]
How to Blog Without Having to Repeat What’s in the Press Kit
I’ve been blogging for more than ten years. It started as innocent journaling and now, I’m doing commissioned projects for[...]
Green Banana Hotel: Davao’s Fresh Addition to the Booming Tourism Scene
On average, Davao city gets a booming 1.4 million visitors each year. And, with the rise of social media’s positive[...]
Aromacology: Beauty and Wellness Fit for Angels
My friends know me as a beauty junkie. I am always on the lookout for the next big thing in[...]
Carte Blanche Takes It Bigger this 2015
  After two years of holding Carte Blanche, Mindanao’s biggest EDM Festival, at the Crocodile Park Grounds, they’re moving this[...]
Browhaus – Brows Done Right
With eyebrows being a hot topic in beauty in recent years, the Abreeza Fashion Forum and Browhaus: The Brow Salon[...]
NCCC Choice Mart Opens Bajada Branch Across Victoria Plaza
Choice Mart by NCCC opens its 8th branch in Bajada on October 17 serving residents of Dona Vicenta, Obrero and[...]
How to Avoid Lifestyle Inflation
You know that great feeling of learning about a pay raise, landing a huge gig, or that long time client[...]
Are We Okay With Thieves in Our Midst?
  The news about Balikbayan boxes being opened, “modified” and stolen from has been doing its rounds in social media. There[...]
Primo Cafe and Grille – Delicious Downtown Dining
Looking for a downtown foodie destination with a powerhouse, everything-tastes-so-good menu? Better include PRIMO CAFE AND GRILLE in your list. [...]
The OFF PRICE SHOW in Davao City – And Why You Should Be There
The OFF PRICE SHOW is happening this coming Sept. 11-13, 2015 at the Davao Convention Center, Torres st. Davao City[...]
Study in Brisbane, Australia – Attend a FREE ORIENTATION for KIMT Davao
Overseas educational programs and employment opportunities are very much sought after here in the Philippines. In fact, most Filipinos would[...]
Local Language Center Leads Grand IELTS Coaching Seminars in Davao City
Programs for overseas study and employment are very common here in the Philippines. In fact, 8 out of 10 working[...]
Andi and Elle Eigenmann at Abreeza's Style Origin 2015
Style Origin, the annual fashion event that tours around Ayala Malls nationwide, once again took over Abreeza Mall’s Activity Center[...]
On Changing Views About Sexual Liberation and Respect
If you’ve been around Facebook for the past few days, it is likely that you have come across that photo[...]
Davao Events: NCCC Opens Woodlane Branch at Diversion
Davao-based retail chain New City Commercial Corporation has come a long way from a thriving textile mart to a now[...]
Are You Cleaning Your Face Properly?
So yes, first question: do you seriously think you are cleaning your face properly? If you still have unwanted marks,[...]
Studying Abroad? FREE Consultation and Processing Finally Arrive in Davao City Through FORTRUST!
Fortrust, one of the fastest growing Education Agencies in the Philippines and in the Asia Pacific finally touches base with[...]
How to Have Shiny, Shiny Hair
Most girls don’t have shiny, manageable hair. Add to that our fickle weather and you’ve got a bad hair day[...]
NCCC Opens Woodlane Branch at Diversion Road Maa
Good news for everyone in the MAA area! For quick household needs and cravings, you can now shop at NCCC's[...]
Davao Events: SHARP Launches New Service Promise, Opens New Davao Service Center
At the heart of every successful business is impeccable service. And SHARP knows this too well. Just recently, SHARP launched[...]
Notes for the Foot Spa Noob
If you haven’t experienced a foot spa in your life, now is probably the best time. It’s the perfect way[...]
Valentine's Day 2015 – Flower and Gift Delivery in Davao city
Want to surprise your loved one this coming Valentine's day? Worry no more, because Gifts Davao is here for you![...]
Resurrect Dry, Dull Hair in 4 Weeks or Less
After the holidays, and with the overwhelming work greeting us during New Year, don’t be suprised to see dull, dry[...]
Much Ado About the Papal Visit
  A lot of people are so pessimistic about the Papal visit. Honestly, I still think it’s a little bit[...]
I Wear Yosi Samra
In my job as a PR and Events Coordinator in Davao, it’s understandable how I go to several places in[...]
PREP is Hiring! – Davao Event Coordinator
  Good day! PREP, one of Davao's premier Events and PR companies, is opening up two positions for their company. Here[...]
Davao Events: CARTE BLANCHE 2014
Expecting a 20,000-strong crowd, Manic Nightnings Productions gears up for another epic night this coming Saturday, November 15, for CARTE[...]
Cary Santiago Graces Davao, Celebrates 25 Years in Business
Master of Philippine Couture Cary Santiago was in town to welcome Davaoeños to his 25th anniversary exhibit at Abreeza Mall. A[...]
Train Yourself to Eat Less and Eat Better
  A lot of people struggle with weight loss. It’s one of the toughest battles we have to fight over[...]
Davao Events: Get Ready for Battle Royale 2014
Scarevenger Hunt, the annual Halloween event for the Davao media, returns this year as a fighting game-themed adventure race. Battle[...]
5 Awesome Things You Can Buy Vs. iPhone 6
The new iPhone came out last month. With that, of course, came excited Apple cult followers, Apple bashers, wanna be[...]
Thoughts About Duterte Running for President
Since last year, rumors about our Mayor, Rody Duterte, running for president, have been going around. Several people see it[...]
Davao Events: Breeze ActivBleach Calls on Moms to Join 1Laba Day
Breeze ActivBleach is treating mommies across the country to a day off from their laundry chores with the simultaneous nationwide[...]
Davao Events: Young Davao Writers Host Spoken Word Poetry Event
There is no doubt that a diverse art culture is thriving in this lively city. Davao is home to different[...]
Davao Milestones: Isuzu Celebrates 65th
The exclusive franchise dealer of Isuzu Philippines Corporation in Davao has come a long way since it was established as[...]
Davao Promos: TATERS' Le Grand 20
My friends know me to be a big fan of Taters, the ultimate snack league and my go-to place for[...]
Wake Up Your Skin: Post-Hangover Beauty Rescue
  Last week was a tough week for hardcore partygoers. As you know, a party organizer was revoked of her[...]
Achievement Unlocked: I Cooked Rice Sans Rice Cooker (And Other Thoughts About Cooking)
Today,  I cooked rice without the aid of a rice cooker. It felt awesome. But let me tell you the[...]
Davao Events: MAYBANK Yellow Garage Sale
Check out the best deals for prior-owned commercial cars at MAYBANK’S YELLOW GARAGE SALE! This month-long sale features well-maintained repossessed[...]
CARMEN'S Garden Bistro: Delectable Comfort Food
Located along the not-so-busy thoroughfare of Quirino st., just across JavaJive and near malls, hospitals and hotels, CARMEN'S Garden Bistro[...]
BMW Launches their Gorgeous New SAV: The X5 XDrive 30d
BMW proves worthy of its position as the global leader through the return of the BMW X5. The founder of[...]
Take Back the Power, Just Stop Procrastinating
A lot of people say that they work better when they are pressured, that their creativity comes out best when[...]
JCI Asia Pacific Conference (ASPAC) 2014 in Yamagata, Japan
Head to Junior Chamber International’s most awaited event in Asia --- the Yamagata Asia Pacific Conference in Yamagata, Japan (ASPAC)[...]
Why You Should Hire a Mobile Bar for Your Wedding
Weddings are wonderful events. Since we’re kids, we were taught to believe in the power of love and the beauty[...]
DAVAO LIGHT: Power Supply Improves
Davao Light: Power supply improves with STEAG's 1 unit now back online. The power situation in the Davao Light &[...]
Business Advice: Keep the Cash Coming
Every business should strive for success, and one of its biggest markers is continuous income. Smart entrepreneurs prioritize this, and[...]
Seize the Summer: How to Make Your Summer Productive
  Don’t let the summer bum you out. Whether it’s the heat killing you or boredom, remember that there will[...]
Davao Events: Lez Be Friends and Lez Party at Blue Room
LEZ BE FRIENDS, whoever you are. Introducing Davao’s first lesbian coming out party, a tribute to all the girls who[...]
Davao Hotel Rave: Bagobo House Hotel
If you’re looking for an affordable home in downtown Davao, you might as well check out Bagobo House Hotel. Sitting[...]
SUNNIES by Charlie Invades Davao
Davao city is gearing up for another eyewear fashion revolution as Sunnies by Charlie, Philippines’ newest and hippest eyewear brand,[...]
Plains and Prints Spring Summer 2014 Preview at Chimes Specialty Store
Chimes  Specialty Store is treating Davao once again to another  exclusive fashion preview as they will be arranging the special[...]
How to Fight Crab Mentality
Lately, I noticed some of my peers being victims of, and perpetrators of, crab mentality. As a quick refresh, online[...]
Restaurant Rave: CHIYO Japanese Restaurant and Yakiniku House
When it comes to food, I could say I’m pretty easy to please. However, a few favorites always stand out.[...]
A Realization About Filipino Love Story Movies After Watching Bride for Rent
After watching the much-talked-about movie, Bride for Rent (yes, I’m a little late, I know), I realized that Filipino love[...]
How to REALLY Stick to Your New Year's Resolutions
(image from barefootmeds.wordpress.com) It’s inevitable. A new year arrives right after the happiest season of the year. With all the[...]
How to Avoid Overspending this Christmas
We get bonunses. Money is abounding. People love to spend. Banks are offering sweet credit card deals. Bazaars and mall[...]
Some Startup Sensibility: 5 Mistakes You SHOULD Not Make
  Lately I’ve noticed several programs and contests that fund, support, and of course, encourage start-ups to finally get themselves[...]
Painless Threading by BROW HAUS
Painless threading? Yes, it can be totally possible! No sweat, sister! Introducing BROW HAUS, a full-service brow and lash grooming[...]
Lean and Fab: A Sexy and Effective Way To Lose Weight
  The desire to lose weight is one that everybody shares. No matter where we come from, what language we[...]
Getting to Know Christmas Decorations
(image from hosowo.com) The Christmas decorations are a fundamental part in the festivities that commemorate this time. Under this definition[...]
Building A Nest: Why a Condo in Davao is a Good Idea
It is every young professional’s dream to own and live in a place that he or she can call his[...]
Converse Get Loud Presents: Jad Montenegro
Jad Montenegro, Davao City and Mindanao representative for Converse's Get Loud Band Competition, will be performing a long set for their[...]
It's the Barangay Elections Once Again
(Photo from Flickr*)   It’s the elections season once again. You know the drill. Righteous-looking faces with semi-famous, easy-to-remember family[...]
Autumn Essentials: Topping Up the School Uniform
Your little ones may have already gone back to school for the new autumn term but if they’re just had[...]
Yuppie Advice: Understanding Credit Cards
    It took me a long time to finally have a credit card. When my mom gave me one[...]
Facts, Testimonies and Thoughts on the Recent Cinema Bombings – Davao city
(Image from ABS-CBN Davao's Maayong Buntag Mindanao FB Page) Last night, rumor spread around social media. People said there was[...]
Do More, Get Out More by Paying Your Bills Thru BPI Online – And Win FREE TRIPS!
BPI,  a long-standing name in Philippine banking, has always prided itself in being the first to offer super convenient services[...]
My Not-so-happy Waltz with Metrodeal's Customer Service
Last year, I bought a Metrodeal voucher for a Hair Rebonding treatment at Mary Pauline Salon. I was supposed to[...]
Yuppie Advice: Managing Your First Job Paranoia
Being paranoid over your first job is a normal occurrence. For most entry-level yuppies, getting out of school and getting[...]
PDAF, the Million People March, Due Process, and the Growing Impatience
With the recent turn of events, I would like to unload a few thoughts about the PDAF Hullaballoo. Yes, I'm[...]
Why a Credit Card May be Good for You
It’s not just women. Men are also afraid of credit cards because of the mass of horror stories that they[...]
KS Life Tips: How to Register Your TIN Online (Self-Employed)
  I've been a freelance Writer/ PR Consultant/ Events Manager/ Emcee for years now. I've earned quite a decent sum[...]
What Can We Do About the Pork Barrel Scam?
So we’ve been hearing news about the Pork Barrel scam being ruthlessly stolen from under our noses. Remember that the[...]
How to Avoid Scams When Buying Stuff Online
Lately I’ve been hanging out at this Facebook group that features more than 100,000 Davao-based buyers and sellers. The group’s[...]
5 Tips for Effective Public Speaking
If you're in the business of Marketing, Events and PR, you will always find yourself being surrounded by people. You[...]
Nancy Binay (and others), No More Redundant Laws Please
Last night, there was commotion on Facebook about Nancy Binay. Yes, Nancy Binay again. Lucky girl, she didn’t have to[...]
My Picks for the Top 10 Emerging Influential Blogs for 2013
For as long as I can remember, I've always loved writing. And I've always wanted to be a writer. Tell[...]
Why Debate is the Best Pre-Work Preparation
In college, I could say the only thing worth remembering was debate. Of course I had a couple of really[...]
5 Rules for Loving a Workaholic
1. You have to have a lot of hearts. Have the heart to forgive, to understand, everytime he appears too[...]
How to Get Referrals
I have a lot of friends in the freelancing world. That is why when we come together, we always remind[...]
How to Prevent Rape (The Perspective You Should Take)
To prevent rape, a lot of people might think that this will include women knowing about basic self-defense, going home[...]
10 Pastimes na Pwede Mong Gawin Habang Hinihintay ang "The One"
Ang hirap makahanap ng "The One". What would you give to finally land with the One? What would you give[...]
The Twenty-Something's Hurdles to Success
  At 23, I consider myself successful. I’m in an industry that I really enjoy, the projects pay well, I[...]
Tea Amo: The Quaint Bistro Everybody Loves
  Everyone wants to find his own little place in the city where one can take a break and retreat[...]
6 Noteworthy Rants About Charice Pempengco's Coming Out
The first time I heard rumors about Charice being a homosexual—a lesbian—was more than a year ago. ABS-CBN organized this[...]
Tienda del Mercado June Events: Man vs. Food and More!
Back to school is always cool, and that is why, at Tienda del Mercado, they've saved the coolest events for[...]
Letting Social Media Get in the Way of Human Experience
  I’ve had a friend say on his status message on Facebook that if you really want to enjoy a[...]
Midnight Liquor Ban: Taking Things the Wrong Way
So yeah, you might have heard of the Vice Mayor’s recent proposal: to implement liquor ban 2 hours earlier, that’s[...]
Be Firm About Your Law Firm
There are many times in our lives when we have no choice but to hire lawyers. Of course, when faced[...]
Tienda del Mercado Presents SUMMERFACTION: Your Fun Weekend Destination!
Get ready for fun weekends coming along at Tienda del Mercado! Owing success to their Araw ng Dabaw event, where[...]
Single Holidays: Vacations You Deserve
Amidst the pressure of work, relationships, family, finances and everything else, don't you just want to escape and be on[...]
Why I Play Poker
I have been playing poker for almost 4 years now. But was on the DL starting two years ago. Since[...]
Travel: Delights at Dahican
Finally, my feet touched the pristine sands of Dahican, Mati. Just 2-3 hours eastside of Davao city, this pocket of[...]
Whining on Mining: Does the EDC Case Fall on Deaf Ears?
I've written for an opinion column in a local newspaper for almost 5 years. Usually, the topics that fill this[...]
RAFI Gets Anvil Award for Triennials Book
  The Ramon Aboitiz Foundation Inc. (RAFI) bagged an “Anvil Award of Merit for public relations tools—Publications, Special Publications” for[...]
Davao Events: The 3rd Easter Bookhunt!
  All hail the book lovers, bookworms and book bunnies this coming Easter Sunday, March 31, 2013 as we celebrate[...]
The Suicide Isn't Anyone's Fault
I was “hanging out” at Facebook and suddenly I saw many angry status messages and link captions about  a UP-Manila[...]
Davao Events: JCI Duwaling Celebrates 3rd Induction and Turnover Ceremony
Royal Mandaya’s Lantawan Hall went fab and glam with shades of purple last March 9, 2013 for JCI Duwaling’s 3rd[...]
Tech Talk: Getting to Know the New Blackberry Z10
Blackberry, world's known "business phone", takes it to a whole new level with their newly launched smart phone, the Blackberry[...]
It's Election Time Again
Guess what, it’s election time again. Ideally, the election time means a fresh start, a development from previous projects, programs[...]
Davao Bloggers Society Launches 1st Peer Mentoring Event
The Davao Bloggers Society (DBS) will be organizing a series of peer mentoring sessions called the "GeekUp". This informative, lecture-type[...]
Interschool Literary Organizations to Host Digital Poetry Seminar
Literary organizations from Ateneo de Davao University, University of the Immaculate Conception, University of the Philippines Mindanao, and University of[...]
Best of the Best: Davao Dining
  With my job as an Events and PR Consultant, a writer and a part-time teacher, I've been to places.[...]
What to Look for in a Wedding Coordinator
Love is one of the most powerful forces in the world. It’s a universal need that fuels our decisions and[...]
Girl, Are You Shortchanging Yourself Again?
I bet there are more women who settle for jobs that are really not at par with their skills. (Or[...]
Salon Review: Hair Zone at Abreeza
Abreeza is one of my favorite places in this planet. I do my groceries there, shopping, meetings, movies, food trips,[...]
Celebrate Art at TABOAN 2013 – Love, Loss, Libido and Literature
This coming February 16, 2013, at Kanto Bar, MTS, 6PM, Davao celebrates art month through a yearly art festival, Taboan.[...]
Is Your Second Job Worth It?
Today, it is not unusual to see people having second jobs. There are a lot of gigs you can just[...]
PR Shoutout for Hassle Free Bouquet Delivery in Davao City
Five years in the business and it still looks GOOD! Gifts Davao has helped more than a hundred men (and[...]
Awesome Facebook Features Wish List
    Let’s face it: sometimes, Facebook rules our lives. Facebook has gone from a casual online hang out place[...]
Davao Events: SM Lanang Premier's First 3 Day Sale for 2013!
SM Lanang Premier, Davao's biggest mall to date, will be indulging us in a shopping spree this early! They will[...]
Tips for the Weather Shifts
Lately, it’s like the sun needed more courtship just so it would come out of its shy skies. It’s been[...]
Something New: Bulgogi Brothers Opens 5th Philippine Branch at SM Lanang Premier
  Ever since the day we started trying to get out that “Nobody nobody but you” song in our heads,[...]
Kisan Lu Lands: 20 Years in Service and Still Thriving
LAST 2010, Davao city was regarded as the most populous city next to Metro Manila. This information is borne out[...]
Restaurant Related Ranting
I’ve just caught up with my good friend, Kenneth Ong, a certified foodie. He knows his way around the kitchen,[...]
Something New: Iphone 6 and IOS 7 to Come Knocking on Your Door by June 2013, Rumors?
There are rumors about the iPhone 6 and iOS 7 lurking around the corner. Never mind that the iOS6 has[...]
On Philippine Airports and Related Rants
  That's the Davao International Airport. I used to love it so much I even wrote poems about it. A[...]
13 Must See Stargazing Events for 2013
This list is lifted from a shared photo via The Science Llama on Facebook. If you are planning to get[...]
Davao Events: Liwanag World Festival Goes to Davao!
Liwanag World Festival to Highlight Outstanding Thinkers, Doers, Artists, and Initiatives That Help Build Sustainable Societies An impressive line-up of[...]
What I Did During New Year's Day
Most of us have rituals when the New Year starts lurking around the corner. Some get a hair cut, a[...]
Spending a Quiet Christmas in Davao City AKA Thoughts About Our Firecracker Ban
Seven years ago, I spent Christmases with pitiful eardrums. From 2002-2005, I was in Cebu and boy, Christmas was a[...]
Career Advice: Get Rid of Burnout, Urbanity's Most Dangerous Trap
"Burnout happens, not because we’re trying to solve problems but because we’ve been trying to solve the same problems over[...]
Why Teaching Sucks
Let me tell you one thing: teaching sucks. But let me tell you how, and of course, how much. Looking[...]
Loving My Skin this 2013
I've never went to the derma. I had bad skin in high school (and some of college). Even my ex-boyfriend's[...]
8th Mindanao Film Festival 2012 Commences (with list of winners)
Yesterday, the 8th Mindanao Film Festival finally commenced. The awards night was held at Cinema 5 of Gaisano Mall of[...]
Something New: BPI Amore Visa, Simply More to Love
If you know me, you know how much I love shopping at Abreeza. Or bullying little kids at Timezone. Or[...]
Davao Events: 8th Mindanao Film Festival Happening on Dec. 4-11, 2012
Good day readers! The 8th Mindanao Film Festival proudly rolled its carpets out yesterday at Cinema 5 of Gaisano Mall[...]
Most Memorable Multiply Quotes (Angsty, Lovedrunk, Adik)
A friend posted something about Multiply shutting down and my, I panicked! Multiply was there to console me when I[...]
Boracay Diaries: Where to Score Cheap (but Good!) Food
If paying for your Boracay accommodations (hotel, inn or guesthouse) have diluted your funds, don't worry because you really won't[...]
Career Advice: Make Your Holidays Extra Productive
I’m not trying to be Scrooge here and I know that you might be looking forward to your holidays but[...]
Davao Events: Bloggers Royale, The Davao Bloggers Christmas Party
Let us all end the year with a *BANG* by taking part in this year's Davao Bloggers Christmas Party. Entitled[...]
Davao's Pride, Groove Unlimited Needs Our Help for their Biggest Competition Yet (with Video)
Hi guys! I couldn't emphasize this more, but our local dancers, Groove Unlimited needs our help in their upcoming competition[...]
Groove Unlimited Competes for World Supremacy Battlegrounds, and They Need Our Help
This coming December 1, 2012, homegrown dance talents from Davao city will compete in Sydney, Australia for the world's biggest[...]
Abreeza Hosts Night Artisan Food Fair
They say that the normal Dabawenyo is thrifty. Kuripot. But what we usually don't scrimp out on is this: FOOD.[...]
How to Promote Your Indie Film (for startup filmmakers)
We hear you, indie filmmakers, we know how much work you put into your film. We also know how much[...]
Something New: Bistro Selera for Fab Filipino Food
Whenever I'm on a first date, with a friend I haven't seen in a long time, or with a new[...]
You Are Never Too Young to Succeed
  A lot of the young people I know feel intimidated by their own success. And considering myself “successful”, I[...]
Davao Events: Taters Opens at Gaisano Mall of Davao
TATERS Gaisano Mall of Davao is the 2nd Taters branch in Davao city and in Mindanao, the first being located[...]
Shopping Diaries: My Love Affair with Abreeza and Chimes
If you know me well, you know how I love malling. In fact, I make it an excuse to "exercise".[...]
Beat Acne with Deep Cleansing and a (Slight) Lifestyle Change
Like most of us, acne was my worst teenage enemy. Know that feeling of wanting to sell your soul to[...]
Of Fine Furniture, Ex Lovers and Why I'm Thrilled about BLIMS Davao
A few years ago, good investments for me would mean the best gadgets. I would convince myself that I need[...]
My TEDxperience and Our Potential for Greatness
Several weeks ago, a good friend of mine, Mick, asked me if I wanted to do a TED talk. In[...]
Don't Give Blogging a Bad Name
I have been blogging before blog came to rape our Friendster feeds. And, long before that, I was blogging on[...]
Of Work Wardrobe and the New Dorothy Perkins Autumn-Winter Collection
  Two years ago, when I was working as a full time writer, I went to work with a shirt,[...]
Davao Bloggers Wrap Up Successful Blog Weekend Bootcamp
The other weekend (September 21-23) was a milestone for the blogging community in Davao city. The Davao Bloggers, led by President[...]
Cybercrime Law Stopped, Hallelujiah!
After my long rant about the controversial Cybercrime Law (RA 10175), I just found out that it was issued a[...]
Poetry Rave: Sara Kay's Love Letter from the Toothbrush to the Bicycle Tire
They told me that I was meant for the cleaner life. That you would drag me through the mud. They said that you[...]
Davao Events: Urbandub Rocks Abreeza this Coming October 7
Urbandub fans should really save their early evening this coming Sunday because the band is hitting Abreeza’s Activity Center and[...]
Why You Need Vodka When Thinking About the Cybercrime Law (Philippines)
Last week, I was interviewed by TV Patrol Southern Mindanao for my opinion on the Cybercrime Law (also known as[...]
Thoughts About SM Lanang Premier (and a list of stores to open!)
Okay. So SM Lanang Premier (apparently the biggest and grandest mall in Davao city) is going to officially open their[...]
Career Advice: Fight the Creative Career Burnout
Today, the number of young entrepreneurs, freelancers and employees in the creative arena is currently increasing. Everyone knows someone who’s[...]
Contest Alert: Alsons Properties Announces "An Eye for Gold" Photo Challenge
Alsons Properties celebrates its 50th anniversary with a photo contest that invites everyone to capture the best moments at any[...]
Abreeza Mall Gives You One Magical Saturday: September 15, 2012
On September 15, 2012, Abreeza will make your Saturday even more magical through simultaneous magic shows all over the mall![...]
The Kids are Taking Over the World
Take a look at Mark Zuckerberg. Already a  multimilionaire big boss in his 20s.   According to recent social commentaries,[...]
Davao Events: Davao Bloggers Announce Blog Weekend Bootcamp
Davao Bloggers, the official blogging organization of the Davao region, announces Blog Weekend Bootcamp, an intensive 3-day blogging workshop. The[...]
The 26th MPDC Experience (Feat. Motions from Eliminations to Finals)
It has been 3 years since my last debate tournament. I must say, the magic is still the same. I[...]
Dear Entrepreneur, Are You Afraid of Technology?
There are still a lot of people who are afraid of technology. This is bad; because technology is here to[...]
The Bourne Legacy 2012 Not-a-review Starring Philippines
Let's be clear. This is not a review. And don't worry, this blog post won't contain spoilers. Well, the meaty[...]
JoBS Academy Launches Special 3D Game Development Course
JoBS Academy, in partnership with AWAKE Productions, is launching its 3D Game Development training program this coming August 11, 2012.[...]
Yes, You Can Have it All
As I pore through my Facebook news feed, I see a lot of people who don’t seem very “real” to[...]
Instant Love: How to Fall in Love…Fast
  I've had a couple of friends who come to me for post-breakup advice. It's as if I'm already an[...]
Something New: BonChon in Davao!
Yes, you read the title right. BonChon, God's gift to the chicken-eating world, is here in Davao. A little history[...]
How to be an Icon
Lately, I’ve been spending most of my time just thinking about life, going through it half-listening to people and half-asleep.[...]
How to ACTUALLY Earn from Writing
5 years. That's how long my professional writing life has been. I've written for newspapers, magazines, ebooks, blogs, article submission[...]
Davao Events | Jad Montenegro Releases 1st EP Album: Fixed Points and Pendulums
One of Davao’s best homegrown talents, Jad Montenegro, launches their first EP album after a couple of years of opening[...]
Dear Bad Networkers
Got fueled by a series of very bad attempts by "friends" who try to suck me into their MLM Network.[...]
In Defense of the Controversial "What's Your Mix?" Bayo Ad
When I found out about the controversial "What's Your Mix?" Bayo Ad, and read about the scathing remarks that flood[...]
Tea Amo, There is No Better Time
Long before Chowking's Nai Cha went mainstream, I loved milk tea. I used to make my own (cheap) version by[...]
Davao Events: Chasing the Rain (Poetry Night)
Let words rain and let poetry reign this coming June 2, 2012. We're throwing "Chasing the Rain: Litorgy 3 (A[...]
The Ultimate Date Place: Mamu's Restobar
Mother of date venues, that's what Mamu's is. Mother of carbonara, that’s what this yummy pasta is about. At face[...]
Davao Writers Workshop 2012
Ateneo de Davao University will hold its AdDU Writers Workshop 2012 from May 21 to May 25 at the university's Jacinto Campus.[...]
Something New: I'm Starting a Beauty Blog!
For as long as I can remember, I've always liked writing. Sometimes I write about things that I don't care[...]
Little Emperors Part 2: How to Deal with Bratty Children
Last week, I talked about the seemingly alarming state of the kids nowadays. By saying “kids”, I mean teens and[...]
Why Samsung Why: Worst Customer Service I Got, Seriously
It was so heartbreaking. I sincerely thought my Samsung Wave 8500 was the best thing that happened to me in[...]
Mother's Day Gift Ideas: Make Mother's Day Extra Special
It’s only a week before Mother’s Day. Have you decided about what to give your mom yet? Well, if you[...]
Little Emperors (AKA Bratty Children)
I’ve just attended a few PR events for the past few weeks and here’s what I realized: the people who[...]
Davao Bloggers Hosted Blocked Screenings of The Avengers (Plus a Movie Review!)
I'm really not into superhero and action movies, but this one got to the bone! I hate the fact that[...]
Thank You, Globe!
I was a little disturbed a few years ago. I mean, my life was. So if I ended up selling[...]
How Do You Define Success?
I watched snippets of the Bb. Pilipinas pageant  a few nights ago and read many Facebook status messages about how[...]
Davao Events: Somedaydream at Abreeza
My sisters (highlight: Angela) wanted to see Somedaydream sing live so even if I don't know who he is, I[...]
Why I Love Boybands (Despite…Well, Everything)
In my line of work, I’m pretty well-respected. I teach, I write for a paper and I organize events. For[...]
Davao's Well Kept Secrets: Unique Desserts!
This summer, I am sure that you’ve experienced those days when you don’t really feel hungry, but you just need[...]
Davao Events: JoBS Academy Hosts Free Digital Art Workshop at their Open House
Make your summer extra productive by joining JoBS Academy's DIGITAL ART AND GRAPHIC DESIGN WORKSHOP! JoBS Academy opens their doors[...]
They Don't Like You, and That's OK
It’s not a secret that a lot of us face different kinds of pressures in our young adult life. There’s[...]
Davao Events: Join the Easter Bookhunt at the Buhangin Flyover Park
Why settle for eggs when you can find books? Seriously, I can finish an egg in 2 seconds but a[...]
Are You a Feminist?
Before I begin what I want to say, can you reflect on the question first? Let me say it again.[...]
Davao Events: ILLUMEDIA Hosts Affordable Basic WordPress Theme Creation Workshop
WordPress is rapidly gaining popularity as one of the most preferred website platforms by several companies. This is due to[...]
Davao Events: HIPHOUSE Invites Artists of All Walks of Life
Something fresh is coming to Davao this Saturday, March 31, 2012. Guys, make way for HIPHOUSE. It's THE ULTIMATE GATHERING[...]
Ranting About the Rapping: What I Dislike About Hiphop Today
  Don't get me wrong. I love hiphop. In fact, I sincerely think Mariah Carey and Bone Thugs N Harmony's[...]
Gossip Girl: Examined
Note: I wrote this piece years ago, when Gossip girl was still starting out. Now that I've come back to[...]
Happy Graduation! Now What?
Half of the people on my Facebook friends list belongs to the 18-25 bracket. That said, it is not surprising[...]
Bitch VarsiTIPS: How to Ace Your First Date
I'm sure exorcism has been acknowledged by the Church decades ago but I think I don't need it now because[...]
SM City Davao Annex Stores, Soon to Open!
I've always been a mall rat. Up until now, I'd use window shopping as an official fitness activity. I mean[...]
Pinoy Big Brother and Twitter: Deadly Combo
I’ve become an avid user of Twitter. Before, I thought it was a den for people who had too much[...]
Because Life Is Here
  My work as an events and PR consultant requires me to go outside Davao several times in a year.[...]
Designer Shades: Great Investments
If you are a young professional and you’re earning more than most people your age, you might find yourself buying[...]
LitOrgy 2: A Night of Poetry About Love, Loss and Libido
One boring pre-Valentine day, I got bored and I wanted to do an art event. Since I'm into organizing events,[...]
The Psychological Benefits of Spa Treatments
What most people don’t know is that spa treatments are more than just forms of relaxation. What appeals to people[...]
The Bitch Reviews: Sara Bareilles
Sara Bareilles is a cocktail of powerful voice, great hands on piano and soulful composition. She bares it all in[...]
Asshole Taxi Drivers and How to Outsmart Them
To consolidate all of my horror cab chronicles, I am writing this blog post in fury. (And some ice cream.)[...]
Bitch VarsiTIPS: How to Instantly Cheat Your Way to Being Fashionable
There are days when we are rushing to get out of the door and so we throw a lot of[...]
Dating 101 for Workaholics
I know a lot of people in different walks of life who seem to have just little time for recreation,[...]
Dissecting the Movie-and-Dinner Date
One time or another---as long as you don't look like bermuda grass or totally asexual--you might have went out on[...]
How to Take a 5 Minute Bath (Plus Tips on How to Outsmart Your Alarm Clock)
I am a lousy alarm clock user. Over the years of continuous alarm clock usage (and constantly insulting it through[...]
Bitch VarsiTIPS: Save on Manicure Touch Ups
Seriously, the cheapest Davao salon manicure I know costs P50 and the most expensive one (the basic one, not the[...]
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I Dropped My Jaws on This Magazine Cover: Jinkee Pacquiao on Mega
That, my friends, is Jinkee Pacquiao. Wife of boxing legend Manny Pacquiao. Notice anything different about the her face (and[...]
The Bumpy Things About Reunions
I never wanted to relive my high school life. Sure I had some fun but mostly it was that awkward[...]
Bitch VarsiTIPS: Awesome Unisex Gift Ideas Below P350
  In my line of work (Marketing, Events and PR), I get to meet a lot of people. These people,[...]
Smart Campus Girl: Providing New Definition to Pageants
While most beauty pageants go by the traditional runway walks, costume changes, talent competition and mind-boggling Q and A, the[...]
Pamper Yourself for P200 or Less
So I was alone this afternoon, and I had money to spare. Actually, I had more than P200 but I[...]
Globe Telecom Ready to Launch iPhone4S on December 16
The iPhone4S is finally here in the Philippines! Globe Telecom announced the Philippine commercial launch of iPhone4S on December 16,[...]
Bastards on Commute
I like taking public utility jeepneys because I enjoy the experience. The feeling of the wind on your face, of[...]
Why You're Not Married (A Repost)
(Found this article really funny and tongue-in-cheek. Enjoy!) Written by Tracy McMillan You want to get married. It's taken a[...]
Something New: TESDA Releases Over 2,000 Scholarship Vouchers to Students in Davao
Earlier this year, a study conducted by the Business Processing Association of the Philippines (BPAP) released data that out of[...]
Wedding Coordinator Diaries: My Top 10 Wedding Songs
  I have been planning, conceptualizing and producing weddings for years. And, needless to say, I'm sick of the same[...]
Something New: Benmore Scotch Whisky
When I drink, I usually stay near beers, light cocktails or wine. I think the strongest drink that I like[...]
10 Unique Ways Para Mapansin Ka ng Crush Mo
(10 Unique Ways to Get Your Crush to Notice You) I hate having a crush who ignores me. Moreover, I[...]
Why Great Love Stories Happen in College
  If you’ve found that one person who completes you, who lights up your day and most of all, who[...]
In Defense of the Kikays
When I was still in my 5th grade, I was obsessed with the color pink. I loved anything that has[...]
Said the Teenager to Her Parents
We know what to do, just let us be. We are self-correcting. We go home when we're already too drunk and[...]
Bitch VarsiTIPS: Beat Stress with Meditation
It is unbelievable how many young adults now admit to be suffering from stress. It’s even more unbelievable how many[...]
Reviving the Debate Spirit
I miss debating. And I miss being a debater. I love the world of debate. I love the automatic confidence[...]
Go on a Hat Craze with Hats and Things
I don't usually wear makeup. Or fancy shoes. Or designer bags. I even have (only) 2 watches. But what I[...]
Flux: A Black Light Party, Happening in Davao
Weekend parties--out. Midweek parties are what's in right now...especially if they hold something unique. So, ladies and gentlemen, Amber events[...]
Goodbye Westlife (a letter to the boyband that changed my life)
  You’ve been together for 14 years. 14 years. I loved you for more than half of my life. I[...]
Something New: Makeup from Natasha Beauty
I was never really that fond of makeup. For me, make up reminded me of work. And as much as[...]
North Palm Hotel and Garden Opens
A lot of hotels can call themselves a garden hotel or a hotel with a garden, but if you want[...]
Of Singlehood and Society's Impositions
  Recently, the single bug bit me…hard. I’ve read a number of write-ups and blog entries that feature people who[...]
Praise for Ardy Roberto's Ang Pera na Hindi Bitin
Bitin ba lagi ang pera mo? Lagi bang kulang ang sweldo o allowance mo? If you need a guide on[...]
7 Things that Women Do Better Than Men
Disclaimer: I am an advocate for gender equality. Enough said. 1. Evolve. There are studies which are concerned with evolution[...]
Il Faut Souffrir Pour Etre Belle (One Must Suffer To be Beautiful)
It hurts but I'd like to think it's worth it.- Bitch Varsity Captain WAYS I HURT MYSELF FOR BEAUTY (AND[...]
The Dissected Break Up Speech
“See, I’ve been thinking about us lately.. --He’s telling you that you will be talking about your relationship  “and I[...]
Do We Still Have Proper Regard for Fitness?
  When I was still younger, most of my peers had body image issues. Our first priority was to stay[...]
Other Uses for the Poker Face
I've played, loved and lived for poker for 3 years. I've played in underground bars, in huge card clubs and[...]
Feel Like a King in Ratu España, Davao’s Newest Downtown Spa
Ratu means King. España means Spain. Good thing you do not need to go to Spain just to feel like [...]
Something New: An Eco-friendly Hotel Opens
Months ago, I was summoned by the design gods of Cube Pixels Design Studio to write the company profile of[...]
Deadline Extended for the Mindanao Film Festival
Calling all artists, film makers and wannabes, tell every soul that the deadline for the submission of entries to the[...]
Something New: Fair and Acne-Free Skin with Nivea Sparkling White Active Oil Control
  Years ago, I didn't consider myself beautiful. Back in high school I had an oily face and I was[...]
Invitation from Davao's First Waldorf School
From the super stars behind Davao's first Steiner/ Waldorf school: It is our pleasure to inform you that the fun[...]
Movies in Davao: Sept. 7 to Sept 13, 2011
Abreeza Cinemas Cinema 1 - Fright Night * Colin Farrel * Suspense * PG 13 (12:50, 3:00, 5:10, 7:20, 9:30) Cinema[...]
Bitch VarsiTIPS: Exfoliate Your Lips
As long as something is classified as skin, it will eventually shed off because skin renews every 30 days. (Approximately,[...]
Win a LUNCH FOR 2 or a BUCKET OF BEER Weekly! Find Out How
  Want a chance, WEEKLY, to win a FREE LUNCH FOR 2 or a BUCKET OF BEER? Well, The Royale[...]
Nivea Skin Care: Skin Like Royalty
These days you do not expect to read good news in British or Irish morning papers. The economy in Ireland[...]
On Short Vacations
I just got off a short vacation.  Spent two days off the grid and now I’m bursting with so much[...]
Something New: Thank God for E-Games
I was 19 when I first fell in love with poker. That time, I also held infatuations with other card[...]
Davao Writers Guild to Hold Reading and Dance Show on Saturday at Gaisano Ilustre
(image from www.loristanleyroeleveld.blogspot.com) The Davao Writers Guild, the leading proponent of creative writing in the region will hold its Induction[...]
Event Organizer Diaries: E-Games Davao Hosts Grand Players Day
  E-Games will he hosting GRAND PLAYERS DAY, a Thanksgiving event filled with so much fun! And by fun E-games[...]
Riding Taxi Cabs
I have taken the taxi cab so many times that it almost feels like home to me. Whenever I need[...]
Western Digital Hosts Davao End-User Media Forum
Western Digital, widely known as a producer and distributor of end-user storage devices, delights Davao with their series of workshops[...]
In Defense of the Gamers
You probably have heard about Dota, Generals, Lineage or Flyff. Yup, they're computer games. One way or another, these things[...]
Bitch VarsiTIPS: How to Argue Effectively
I’ve argued for years. I’ve argued about prostitution, abortion, gay rights, bedroom  politics and even pop culture. I’ve argued without[...]
Something New: SmartDeal Online Advertising
SmartDeal Online Advertising (www.smartdeal.com.ph) is officially opening for business! The company offers daily deals on the best stuff to do,[...]
Road Map Series: Celebrating 30 Years of Creativity
Good Day to all Artists, Friends and Families! For 30 years now a Davao-based voice-in-the-wilderness publication has been the launching[...]
Only in Davao
  As a Davao-born and Davao-bred writer, I’ve loved Davao city more than any other place in the world. It[...]
Event Organizer Diaries: A Red Affair, Smartdeal's Corporate Soirée
  Friends from the SME world, come to A Red Affair, a light business Soirée participated by SMEs and corporations all over[...]
Davao Writers Guild Hosts Davao Writers Workshop 2011
  The Davao Writers Guild, in cooperation with the National Commission for Culture and the Arts, will hold a Writers[...]
Get Bedazzled by the World-Class Follies de Mwah, Soon in Davao!
Get totally bedazzled by the Follies de Mwah, a broadway performance by Club Mwah, a well-loved DOT-accredited team of performing[...]
Something New: Société de Kérastase
A few days ago, I got the sexiest and the most luxurious looking VIP card in the face of the[...]
Event Organizer Diaries: Sony Centre Opens @ Abreeza Mall Davao
Last June 22, 2011, Davao's 2nd Sony Centre opened at Davao's poshest mall ever, Abreeza Mall. The opening event was[...]
7 Habits of Highly Effective Bitches
  Before you label yourself a do-it-all gal who's got it going on, babe, you gotta know how you should[...]
Top European Brands Promod and Parfois Hold Crazy July Sale
+   Davao chics are surely gonna lose their heads (and money!) because of this CRAZY JULY SALE. Brought to[...]
Design Like a Pro: Davao's Best Design Courses
  Everywhere we go, we are flooded with man made images, more commonly and collectively referred to as Graphics Design.[...]
A Casually Gay Story
Whenever people say derogatory things about gay people or use terms pertaining to gay people to talk about things which[...]
Bitch VarsiTIPS: Buy in Bulk
  Any smart home maker can really attest to this: one of the smartest things that you can do when[...]
Of Bloggers and Media People
I have been blogging for a while. But I have been writing for a very long time. Writing is something[...]
Hair Care is an Everyday Love Affair
I look around the streets of Davao and I see that there are a lot of salons just sprouting around.[...]
JoBS Academy: A World Class School for Everyone Cool
If you ask the fresh graduates what their intended college course is, a few would talk about the courses offered[...]
Something New: Speed Dating @ One10FM this July 2, 2011
What is Speed Dating? Speed Dating is an event where men and women (equal numbers) are rotated so they can[...]
Super Awesome Time @ the Vice Ganda concert; Thanks to Globe!
Last Saturday, June 11, 2011, Vice Ganda wowed Davao once more with her funny antics and evil humor. Months ago,[...]
Wedding Coordinator Diaries: Directing Tahnee and Paul's Pre Nuptial Photo Shoot
Yesterday was a very fun (and tiring!) day for my career as a wedding coordinator. We shot Tahnee and Paul's[...]
My Bet for the Best Davao Accommodation: The Royale House Travel Inn and Suites
Here’s the thing: I’m a proud Davaoenya but really, I’m kinda everywhere. My dad hails from Cebu, and my mom,[...]
Wedding Coordinator Diaries: Smart Spending for the Season of Weddings
I can’t be more excited about June. My partner is about to celebrate THE birthday, half of the year is[...]
Things You Just Don't Do! (WTF?)
I’m a twenty something. The time I spent in this planet is enough to make me realize about things that[...]
Meeting the Sweet and Candid Marian Rivera
Marian Rivera isn’t very difficult to get to know. She can be made to talk a lot, especially if it’s[...]
European Brands Promod and Parfois: New Charming Additions to Davao Fashion
Last May 12, 2011 (exactly 16 days ago), Davao’s high end mall, Abreeza, opened. It’s a mall which carries many[...]
A Mediocre Salon Treatment or an at-home L'oreal Paris Treatment
Yesterday, I bumped into some cash. An old account of mine has just reopened and the client paid me his[...]
Globe Labs Unveils Mobile Apps Contest
Globe Telecom recently launched MobApp Hunt 2011, a program for Filipino developers to showcase their creativity in building mobile applications[...]
Tips to Sleep Well
There are a lot of people who are just too stressed with their daily drill that even when they go[...]
Of Useful Things and Useless People
“The invention of too many useful things lead to too many useless people.” – Karl Marx Nowadays, we can’t really[...]
I am so back, bitches!
Back with a new host and fresher, more personalized content. I just decided to make this one a personal blog.[...]

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