KS ACCESS - Exclusive Club

This is the KS Access – Club, where you’ll get exclusive access to Karla Singson’s best programs, trainings,
tools, reference materials, library, and templates.

Here, you get:

☛ Exclusive Trainings

This special site is home to Karla’s flagship trainings, including Sales Surge
Mastermind, Write Faster Write Better, and 10 Days to a Better Personal Brand, all corporate programs
that usually cost at least Php 40,000 for a half-day local training, Php 60,000 for out-of-town. A new corporate
course will drop every month.

☛ The KS Library 

Handpicked books and PDF resources that you can check and access 24/7 for specific

☛ Worldwide Workshops Cliff Notes

Karla always invests in herself by attending workshops and learning
events all over the world. Catch the best learnings and cliff notes of these workshops right at your
device within 15 days after each training.

☛ Tools and Templates

Need a specific business document but you don’t know where to look for it?
Karla has gathered here most commonly used documents (from simple contracts, to media outreach, to
sponsorship opportunities, to non-disclosure agreements) so you can save time and get the best results.

☛ KS Access Club (Facebook Group Community)

The ONLY place where Karla will share her new stuff,
free access to select events all over Philippines, updates on the recent KS site uploads, share her recent
discoveries/ tactics, do surprise group calls, threads on your wins, and content suggestions.

1:1 Coaching

Support for getting rid of your mindset stumps, business roadblocks, or leadership headaches

☛ Copywriting (Corporate, Marketing, Direct Response, Web Copy)

☛ SME Business Development

☛ Cash Flow Bootcamp

☛ Sales Surge Program

One-Time Training (Personal or Corporate)

☛ Have a particular skill or program that you want to run so you can solve a specific SME business problem? 
☛ Do you want to enrich your team with a brand new skill that will not only bring more sales to you or improve your business, but something that will also improve their morale?

I'll create a program that covers your challenges and we will set milestones together.

​Cash Flow Group Coaching

​Best for freelancers, consultants, and small business owners who want to improve their cash flow, client acquisition, and pitches + those who need help with improving their productivity, time management and results consistency.

Next run: January 2019 (Book your seat today!)


With over a decade of experience in starting and running my own business, starting and running campaigns for industry giants, and helping people all over the world avoid common business pitfalls, let me replicate all my positive results and put it on your business.

Let me put my business brain to work for you.

Open Bar

101 free flowing business lessons, advice, stories, worksheets, and real-life results for the relentless entrepreneur eager to raise the bar.

  •  Easy To Understand: No complicated business terms
  •  More CASH Baby: I show you how to make more money Easily 
  •  Step-By-Step Shortcuts: I tell you exactly what to do next

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Best Book Bundle Ever!

Get Karla Singson's Open Bar (value $37) and Mitch Miller's Follow the White Rabbit (value $47) at this insane bundle price!

If you are into starting a business, improving it, and you welcome fresh perspectives on marketing and entrepreneurship, this growth-filled literature bundle is for you.

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KS CashFlow Planner

Do a self-paced Cash Flow Exercise with this special planner. A neat 55-page guide with articles, tips, quotes, summaries for the cash flow goals, and a daily accountability monitoring. 

Get this for only $27.00. FREE SHIPPING!

Karla is someone I trust to bounce ideas off of.

Because, like me, she's been involved with so many businesses and industries, I can trust her out of the box ideas and unique outlook on things to help me solve problems quickly. Building a multi-million dollar company isn't easy - Karla makes it easier.

MITCH MILLER //  Opposed Media

From Karla's Cash Flow Group Coaching...

I was able to manage my time and organize my tasks better, I was able to form a consistent habit of monitoring tasks, and it was great to have someone to be accountable with, someone who helped me see my tasks through.

SAMANTHA JUSTINE  //  Sales Funnel Strategist/ Online Business Manager

I just want to say my heartfelt thank you.

Upon reviewing the notes on the points you shared with us at the bootcamp, I realized that you gave us so much content. They're truly invaluable to me as a startup entrepreneur. I just want to say my heartfelt thank you.

Rizza Mae Ong // Entrepreneur

I found her expertise to be helpful related to PR & Branding Strategy for my business...

I found her expertise to be helpful related to PR & Branding Strategy for my business, AI Digital Suite. Her perspective confirmed much of my current process as well as encouraged me to expand my scope & personal limits. I appreciate how upfront & value minded she was in our conversation, sharing specific techniques & actionable steps that I can implement in my business for sustainable, targeted growth. I encourage anyone interested to dive into a conversation with Karla related to their business strategy & public presentation. She combines a value first mindset with extensive knowledge on implementable strategies for business growth.

Elisha Israel  //  AI Digital Suite

She is a very talented and practical lady.

I truly admire Karla Singson because she made me feel good and confident about myself.

Jagriti Singh  //  Internet Marketing Consultant

With lessons from the KS Cash Flow Exclusive, I learned better time management and improved my ways to bump into opportunities to make money. These alone were very life-changing for me.

Darlyn Franks  // Social Media Manager

I guess my biggest learning from the program was taking huge detours with how I do time management, prioritization, and even my mindset. As a small business owner and an architect, a lot of things were difficult to juggle, but this program gave me light.

Janina  //  Architect and Small Business Owner (Berbiedolls)

One of my biggest takeaways from this coaching program is developing consistency and not be intimidated by big tasks. This is my first in-depth money course/ coaching program, and it was surprisingly helpful. Thank you, Karla.

Abbie De Villar  //  Online Tech Professional

I’m approaching 2018 with confidence towards new ventures and almost all the necessary skill sets I need to be successful.

That program connected me with amazing people who showed me amazing new learnings.

It helped reset my mindset. 

It helped me understand the direction I want for my life.

I probably was the bottom money earner on the group but still I feel so rich after.

I don’t know who the new members are, but if you are reading this please please please stick to it and believe in the program the same way Karla believes in your potential for success.

Julio Monteron  //  Skills Trainer/ Returning Entrepeneur

This woman deserves a heartfelt thank you. I am truly grateful to be part of her Batch 2 for the Sales Surge Mastermind Training which I know will be helpful for my future endeavors. Everything she shared was 5x than what I paid for.

Hannah Molde

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